Jordi Minguell – Jordio


Jordi Minguell, Jordio  (1985) is a graphic artist based in Barcelona. He got a Degree in Fine Arts and holds a diploma of the “Art Gràfic” course from the Joso school in Barcelona. He has done several workshops with some artists like Jason Seiler, Leonardo Rodriguez and Xavier Denia. He published several caricatures in the ExpressNews paper. He also made illustrations and comic strips for the satirical journal El Capicua. He made live caricatures in large events in Cairo (Egypt), or Barcelona, such as the Mobile World Congress. Jordio developed characters and backgrounds for Iphone and Android mobile apps. He provided his services as a freelance artist for several firms (Benecé Produccions SL, Brasilia, TGD, Extravaganza, Fruit&Co Wear,RACC) doing portraits, sketches and graphic design. He made storyboards for several projects at ESCAC (Film and Audiovisual School of Catalonia). He also made serial duplications of Lorenzo Quinn‘s sculptures at Fundició Artística Vilà. He gave narrative and drawing lessons in several schools and workshops. Jordio is member of the AEC (Spanish Cartoonist Association) and cofounded the Licor del Mono project. Actually he is working as a caricatusit and editor in Revista Mirall digital newspaper.

Jordio is focused on improving his skills day by day, working in the whole creative process of his projects and fulfilling his customers’ requirements.

 Jordio Exhibitions

2017 Exposición individual Miscellaneous. In AnGram galley, writting space of Revista Mirall and the Career Caballero street 65, Barcelona.

2017 Expsició individual PolitiCircus: Make America Fat Again. Pintura digital. In the CIFO building. Carretera del Mig street 24, Hospitalet de Llobregat.

2017 Collective Exhibition Fiction by the Face. With Spanish Caricaturist Association artists. In the civic center Verdaguer, Barcelona.

2017 Collective Exhibition Portraying Donald Trump. During the 35 International Comic Fair of Barcelona, Barcelona.

2016 Individual Exhibition PolitiCircus. Digital painting. In the Espai AnGram gallery. Violant d’Hongria street 169, Barcelona.

2016 Collective Exhibition Ilustrating The Last Frontier. Digital painting. During The International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Sitges.

2016 Individual Exhibition PolitiCircus: ¡Ya tenemos Presidente! Digital painting. In the Claret book shop. Roger de Llúria street 5, Barcelona.

2014 Individual Exhibition Caricaturas. Digital painting. In the Cal Xixonenc restaurant. Major street 52, Montblanc.

2014 Individual Exhibition Caricaturas. Digital painting. In the Safareig coffee shop. Oli square 13, Valls.

2013 Individual Exhibition Celebrities. Charcoal drawing. In the Koop restaurant . Granada street 8, Tarragona.

2012 Individual Exhibition Celebrities. Charcoal drawing. In the Panigacci restaurant. Major street 20, Fonscaldes.

2011 Individual Exhibition characoal drawing Celebrities. Charcoal drawing. In the pub Dune. Bispe Palau street 20, Valls.

2010 Collective Exhibition Soul Festival 2010. In the Antich restaurant. Pati square 3, Valls.